This Is CRust!

Full Site Coming Soon(er or later)! Until then...

What is CRust?

CRust is played on a Rust modified (modded) server so that the casual player can enjoy the game as much as the hard core player. At its core Rust is a base raiding game where players build their own base and then raid other player’s bases.

In what’s called “Vanilla Rust” this would take way too many hours (days) for the casual player to play. Even if they survived the slaughter long enough to build a low end base, it would surely be raided and gone by the time they got to play again for a few hours.

This is where CRust comes in.

The idea here is following the normal update/wipe schedule of Rust, the player has three weeks to make the best base they can without fear of losing it in the process. The gathering, smelting of resources and upgrading of the base are all modded, so even someone working a 12 hours shift somewhere, can unwind with an hour in game working on their base each day after work. Not to worry, even the decay of the bases (once past twig) is turned off.

There is no PVP or Raiding (base attacking) for the three week period after wipe, though the bots (AI) will surely try their best kill you, if you should wonder upon one. Which allows plenty of time to build even the most advanced, massive base, but not making it so easy, that it’s boring.

“But there’s four weeks in a month” one might say. One would be right in pointing that out, because in the last week before the normal Rust update/wipe. PVP, raiding and decay are both activated at 7 PM the Friday night before normal Rust update/wipe.

Hint: The smart player will have up to three of their friends ready to go raid, defend, whatever for 24 hours (until 7 PM Saturday night). At which time all building and repairing will be disabled! Great way for the busy gamer to set a night or two once a month to game with their friends!

The last base, or piece of it, standing, wins!